Something To Remember, Something To Forget…


Something to remember,
Something to forget…
First day at school, crying chasing maid for forsaking me like Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane…
Pops smacking poor grades outta me, never worked, all i needed was someone who believed, maybe a representative from Nike “You can do it”

Something to remember,
Something to forget
First kiss while in dark moist corners, the game was ‘catcher’, young and innocent we knew our safe haven…
Back sprawled on hard blazing grassy earth, enemy upon me, squeezing breath outta lungs, not certain about the contention,
Jerking my head east to west, enemy upon me, disgraceful already, wouldn’t let him crown his glory by shoving the pile of dirt, sunburn grass, sand and other stuff in my mouth

Something to remember,
Something to forget
Being the first in my peer to fly a plane to see Mum in the new city…
Loathed visiting days, while my peers parents rode in plush pleasant cars, my visitor used bike – even if those who rode never brought as much as my visitor did!

Something to remember,
Something to forget,
His first kiss, entire sky lit with stars like little paint drops, uncertain about it, MAGIC!…
That we’ll come identify ourselves as lambs and lions, while he can afford to not eat refectory food, I tried but got broke before second week in term – not all fingers are equal

Something to remember, everything good will come,
Something to learn from before you forget, every fall is a lesson.


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Honest, jovial, fun, and love making new friends. Outgoing, crazy, lazy, and a deep thinker. Love helping people, I think it puts me on the sides of angels, don't fall easily in love, but I do deeply! I believe the world can be a better place if we can all try!

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